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Welcome Emma!

We are adding another blogger to the mix. Everyone say hello to Emma! Hello friends! My name is Emma Hayden and I started my second semester as a dualHistory and Library & Information Science student at Simmons in January. I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I got a degree in History with a minor in Religious Studies. I just moved to the Boston area in the fall from Southern California with my cat Phoebe. Phoebe (alsoknown as Pheebs) loves going on walks around Boston in her backpack! I have taken her withme on many adventures but I think our favorite spot so far is Fenway Park or the Boston PublicGarden. In my spare time I enjoy reading romance books, crocheting, and line dancing!I am new to the SLIS program, however I have really enjoyed the classes I have taken so farand am looking forward to my classes this semester. Last semester I got my first taste of basiccoding and markup languages in LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals, which wasa lot more fun…

Welcome New Student Blogger: Regina Dziergas

Hello everyone! My name is Regina Dziergas, and I am currently enrolled in the Library and Information Sciences masters’ program with a concentration in Cultural Heritage Informatics. I am originally from Syracuse, New York, spent time in Western New York while completing my undergraduate degree in psychology/musicology at SUNY Geneseo, and moved to Boston in the fall of 2020 to start graduate school at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts for my MA in Ethnomusicology. So far, my favorite course at Simmons has been LIS 438: Introduction to Archival Theory and Practice, and I’m looking forward to starting my 60-hour field experience through that course later this semester! In my free time I like to collect books and vinyl records, practice flute and piano, bake bread, do yoga, hike, attend concerts, collect old cameras/shoot photography (primarily 35mm film), explore Boston, and spend time with my friends and family. I’ve also spent my last few years doing ethnographic ethnomusicological fieldwork in the greater Boston area, researching live performances, meeting and documenting the stories of local musicians/industry…

Hello Rebecca!

Rebecca is another new blogger on our team. Rebecca wrote her own introduction so here it is! Look for more great posts from Rebecca soon: “Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca Devereaux, and I am in the Simmons dual History and Library Science master’s program on the archives track. I grew up in Washington state on the mighty Columbia River. I just finished up my undergraduate at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, where I double majored in English and history. A few of my favorite classes included Sin and Chaos in Literature and the Philosophy of Chinese Architecture. On the side of my academic work load I invested a good chunk of my time playing tuba for the Whitworth Wind Symphony and the Whitworth Orchestra. I didn’t have space to bring my tuba to Boston, but I have a mouthpiece, just in case somebody needs a tuba player last minute. My work experiences these past few years have been focused on processing and disseminating information. I worked for a year and a half as an…

Another New Team Member

Welcome to Magenta! Here is a little about Magenta: Magenta is in the dual Children’s Literature MA and Library Sciences – Youth Services MSLIS program at Simmons. They moved to Boston from Milwaukee, WI in January 2022 after finishing their undergraduate degree. They graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BA in Urban Studies, which informs the work they do everyday. They works in the Center for Community Engagement at Simmons, so part of their job is coordinating volunteer events and helping faculty with their service learning classes. In their very limited free time, they enjoy working on cross-stitch projects, reading graphic novels, writing pen pal letters, and cooking with their friends and partner. They are excited to be writing for the Student Snippets Blog!


We have a new blogger! Please welcome — Claire! A little bit about Claire: A Texan by birth, Puerto Rican by blood, and reader by nature, Claire is a former (and current) editor-turned-aspiring librarian. This is her first year at Simmons, where she is pursuing a concentration in cultural heritage with the goal of working in a museum archive or special collections.  Claire spent her undergraduate years at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she graduatedwith a BA in English and a much-too-long thesis on feminism and the postcolonial flowergarden. She’s tried on her fair share of professional hats, from events coordinator and romanticadvice columnist to graphic designer and Spanish Fulbright scholar, but she’s finally found herniche at SLIS.  Claire has lived in Scotland, Haiti, Spain, and most recently Washington, DC, and she’s thrilledto call Boston home for the next chapter of her life. When she’s not focused on her SLIS courses,Claire works as an assistant editor in the curatorial department of the Peabody EssexMuseum—beyond that, she loves to dance, knit, brush up on her Spanish, and,…

New Blogger Welcome!

We are welcoming Elizabeth to our team starting this summer! She is entering her second year at SLIS! She is currently enrolled in the Archives Management concentration and is a fully online studentliving in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. She currently works in anacademic archive as a processing assistant while she completes her degree remotely. In her spare time, she love to spend time with her husband, bake and cook, inaddition to reading as much as she possibly can. Writing has been apassion and a hobby of hers ever since she was very small! Her love for socialmedia and blogging came later in high school, and she haven’t stopped since. We are so excited for Elizbeth’s perspective. Look for her first post soon. A warm welcome to Elizabeth.

A Big Hello to Katie

We are adding another great voice to our Blogging Team! Here is a little about Katie: Katie Dillon is a student in the “DYO” concentration at SLIS, focusing on digital materials. Her passion for library science stems from a desire to make information discoverable – whether that means improved information literacy, careful data management, or intelligent resource collocation. She received a B.S. in health and nutrition from Cornell University in 2019 and hopes to build a career in science or medical librarianship. She currently works at the SLIS Student Services Center and at Emmanuel College as a part-time reference librarian.

Welcome Elizabeth!

We have another new blogger joining the team! Be on the lookout for Elizabeth’s first post next week. Elizabeth Poland is a graduate student in the Cultural Heritage Informatics concentration here at Simmons SLIS. She great up in southern Connecticut, and loved reading, writing, and creating all different kinds of art. In 2020, she received a BA from the University of Connecticut in Art History, with minors in Studio Art and English. After working in museum education at Old Sturbridge Village in central Massachusetts, she knew she wanted to dive deeper into the inner workings of museum collections. Her goal is to combine her passion for history with hands-on approaches in a career in collection or preservation management. In her free time she loves to hike long distances, sew her own clothes, and paint portraits of people’s pets. Since moving to Boston, she has also been able to easily take peaceful walks through local museums, absorbing all that the city’s cultural heritage institutions have to offer.  Welcome Elizabeth!

Welcome New Blogger Ivy!

We have a new blogger joining our team! Ivy is a second year Archives and History dual degree student at Simmons and hopes to work at a university post-graduation. She works as a Student Ambassador and as the Serials Intern at the Boston Athenaeum. In her spare time she loves hiking, petting dogs, and (as many SLIS students can relate) reading and collecting books. Ivy’s blog posts will come rolling in soon. Keep your eyes open for some fun new content!

Welcome New Blogger – Erin

Hi everyone! I’m Erin, and this is my first semester in the DYO program at Simmons, where I’m studying at SLIS West. I grew up in Massachusetts, western Mass. to be exact! I’m quite happy to be back in the area for graduate school. I did my undergraduate studies all the way in northern New York at the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, where I studied Flute Performance as well as some Music Business. I’ve always loved libraries and books, but what really spurred my interest into thinking about librarianship as a career path was a library and education internship I did at Goodspeed Musicals in their Scherer Library of Musical Theatre (located in Connecticut!). I learned so much from that experience, and it really planted the seed in my head of combining two of the things that I love, music and libraries. And here I am now! Outside of grad school, I spend much of my time with music, in one form or another. These days I play the flute for fun….

Welcome New Blogger – Abbey

My name is Abbey and I am a first semester student in the Simmons History & Archives Management dual degree program. I grew up in a small town on the Mississippi river. From there, I went away to school at Syracuse University in upstate New York. At Syracuse I studied English Textual Studies and History, and learned to love a long, brutal winter. I got my introduction to archive work while studying abroad in Poland. When in Eastern Europe, I ate many pierogies and fell in love with working with book history materials. The Prohibited Library in Prague, and its collection of censored samizdat papers, inspired me to continue my education with a master’s in Library Science. I had realized that if we did not prioritize looking after the material evidence of history, then who would? I spend my time reading good books and watching bad television. I like stories about haunted houses, running during the fall when the wind is a little too cold, and Taylor Swift. Boston has been my dream city for…

Welcome New Blogger – Bryanne

I’m Bryanne, and I’m an Information Science and Technology (IS&T) student at Simmons SLIS.  My focus is on increasing the ability for library users and other information seekers to get access to the information they need, especially for under-served populations.  Before studying at SLIS, I worked and volunteered in various museums in their collections and curation departments, as well as building and running an internship program for students from high school to college at one of these institutions.  Along with this, I also worked in software documentation, and in working in these two fields, I found the lovely niche which landed me in the IS&T concentration. Other fun facts on me include: I was born and raised in Massachusetts; I earned my BA from Hobart and William Smith in 2016 after studying Cultural Anthropology and European Studies; I write short stories and poetry in my spare time; and I’m an avid gamer of both the computer and tabletop varieties.

Welcome Incoming Student and New Blogger – Johnna

We are welcoming an incoming Fall 2021 student to our blogger team! Here is a little bit about Johnna: Johnna is in the History + Archives Management dual degree program at Simmons. Although born in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, she is the least Texan-Texan you’ll meet and has also lived in the Twin Cities, D.C., Dublin, and Heidelberg. She is excited to now call Boston home! Her passion for reading has been a lifelong love, but her interest in libraries did not begin until college when she interned in Rare Book and Special Collections at the Library of Congress and the Early Printed Book Division in the Long Room Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. While her writing credits include creative non-fiction essays printed in college-level literary journals and a publication with Rowman and Littlefield, she is eager to blog for the first time here! When she’s not wandering the stacks, she enjoys singing classically, performing in musicals, immersing myself in sci-fi novels, writing up new worlds, and reading poetry, especially war poetry from…

Welcome Blogger Andrea

We have a new blogger joining our team. Her name is Andrea, a Design Your Own student who recently moved to Boston from central PA! Since graduating from Vassar in 2020, Andrea has been searching for ways to bring her somewhat disparate interests together. She thinks of librarianship as something we as people are always practicing, and is more than excited to think through the implications of how we seek, sort, and use information—both within library walls and beyond. Other passions include learning new languages, listening to music, and crafting recipes around my impulse grocery purchases.

Welcome New Blogger Isabelle

Hello Readers, We have a new blogger starting with us for the semester. Here is a little bit about Isabelle. You will start seeing Isabelle’s posts next week! I studied English and Classics at Wellesley College, just outside Boston, and moved into the city to attend Simmons SLIS in 2019. I came to the program with some library and museum experience, as well as an interest in the role of technology in the field. I’ve taken courses on a wide variety of topics, from User Instruction (LIS 408) to Data Interoperability (LIS 487). Getting to know other students at Simmons has been a great experience, and I’ve learned so much from my SLIS classmates as well as my professors. It’s always interesting to hear my peers’ perspectives on material we’re covering in class, since everyone comes to the classroom from different professional backgrounds. I’m excited to be sharing my last semester at SLIS on Student Snippets.

New Guest Blogger!

Welcome to guest blogger Adaliz Cruz!  Here is her bio:  “My life can basically be summed up in three small phrases: books, sheet music, and a cup of coffee. I’m originally from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and I moved up to Boston just for Simmons. Let me just say, what a change! I have an extensive background in music, it’s my first love. I hope to become a Reference and Instruction music librarian in the near future as I graduate in May. I’m a bit of a workaholic so I generally don’t have a ton of free time, but on the odd chance that I find myself without plans I love coffee shop hopping (local of course). One thing you should know about me is that my curls are truly my crowning glory.” Look for her posts very soon!    

Welcome to William!

We have added William to our blogging team.  A little about William from his bio:  “Hi everybody, I’m William Crouch. I am from Denton, Texas and moved up to Boston in September 2019 so that I could experience a real winter. I am part of the History and Archives Management Dual Degree program. I chose to attend Simmons because of the opportunity to get a strong education in both History and Library Science at the same time. I completed my undergrad in 2019 at Austin College (Go Roos!), a small school in Sherman, Texas, where I spent most of my time playing for the Roos Tennis Team. In 2018, I had the opportunity to work at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program and found that I wanted to further my career with Disney. I wanted to use my love for history at Disney and found the Disney Archives which led me to a Library Science program. In my free time, you can find me watching tennis, playing video games, or exploring the many…

Guest Blog Post – MLA Conference Experience – Professional Development

Hi Everyone! We are lucky enough to have a fabulous guest post from one of our current students in the program — Kerri MacLaury. Kerri was kind enough to share with us her input on the recent MLA conference she attended. I hope you enjoy this exciting guest post!  One of the reasons why I chose to attend Simmons University’s School of Library and Information Science program was its support of students’ professional development. Every fiscal year, each SLIS student, courtesy of the Library and Information Science Student Association, receives $250 which they can put toward various professional development activities. Funds can be used to be reimbursed for professional association dues, workshop or conference fees, and travel and lodging expenses. This year I considered using my funds to pay for American Library Association, New England Library Association (NELA), and Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) membership dues, but ultimately decided to use the funds to attend the MLA conference. I made that decision because I know that I will remain in Massachusetts at the conclusion of my…

Hello Peggy!

We are adding another new blogger.  Everyone welcome Margaret “Peggy” Hogan-Rao to the team. Here is a Peggy’s Bio: Hi, I’m Peggy! I’m fairly new to the Boston area, so far I love it here. I started the Simmons LIS program in fall 2018, and moved to Boston a few weeks before classes started. Originally from the mountains of upstate NY, coming to Boston is a big change for me – getting used to the city life in Boston. I completed my undergrad degree in Media & Communication and English Writing at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, few hours west of my hometown in Eastern New York. My dream job for after I finish the Simmons MLIS degree is to be a certified school library media specialist in a city school district, and a bestselling children’s author. You can find me most weekends exploring a new church or a cool independent bookshop in the Boston area. My hobbies include collecting more books than I can read, cuddling with cute dogs, visiting beautiful beaches,…

Welcome New Blogger – Amie Grosshans

Hello readers! We’d like to introduce our new student blogger — Amie Grosshans! She will be posting regularly soon. Read a little bit about her below:   Welcome Amie!  Hi, I’m Amie! I was born and raised here in Massachusetts and have a master’s degree in Art History. As soon as I read about Simmons’s LIS program, I knew that I wanted to be a librarian. It’s a bit of a shock to be back at school again after almost twenty years, but I’m loving every minute of it. I’m finally in my element and so excited for the future. I’m currently in the archives concentration but am open to exploring other areas of librarianship. When I’m not working or doing schoolwork, I’m usually reading or listening to an audiobook. I also love to knit shawls, sweaters, and socks and am pretty much never without my needles. My handknits make the crazy Boston winters a bit more bearable. Aside from my family, my dog Peggy is my biggest supporter and study buddy.

The First 100 Days – Guest Blogger – Hanna Soltys, ’17

Hi Everyone,  Please join me in welcoming our one time, guest blogger Hanna Soltys! She recently had the most exciting opportunity at the Library of Congress.  Bio: Hanna Soltys ’17 MS, Archives Management is one of five in the Library of Congress’s pilot Librarians-in-Residence Program. She was placed in the Reference & Instruction track, within the Prints & Photographs Division, and began her six-month appointment in late June 2018.  The First 100 Days As a Librarian-in-Residence at the Library of Congress Since I’m now in DC, it only feels right to reflect on my First 100 Days. Let’s be real, a residence program at an institution such as this is intimidating. The anxiety and doubt bubbled up as that plane took off from Logan Airport with just my luggage in tow. Though from Day One, I quickly saw how Simmons and my experiences throughout Boston had prepared me for this program. The work I completed with Simmons students and former professor Martha Mahard in the Boston Public Library’s Prints Department ensured I wasn’t too green coming…

Adding to the Team

Hello everyone! We’d like to introduce our second new student blogger –Maria Reilvoa! Here is her bio. Stay tuned for her first post…coming soon! Welcome Maria! Hello! My name Maria, I was born and raised in a small beach town on the east coast of Florida a little over an hour away from Orlando and yes we would take field trips to Disney growing up (also to Medieval Times, which is a personal favorite, it’s basically a year-round Renaissance festival-Huzzah!). But I am trading in hurricanes for nor’easters and ready to brave the winter wearing ever article of clothing I own! I am currently in my first semester at Simmons studying for my LIS degree with a concentration in cultural heritage informatics. My educational background is in Arts Administration and I love all things historical! Which is one of the reasons I wanted to attend Simmons in Boston. I’m eager to start exploring all the fun history Boston has to offer as well as all the great sights and eats (pastries from the north end,…

Welcome to a New Blogger!

Hello everyone! We’d like to introduce one of our two new student bloggers — Katie Carlson! Please read a little about her below. You will see her first post very soon! Welcome Katie! My name is Katie Carlson, and I live in Brighton, with my best friend from undergrad. We loving refer to our apartment as the Bachelorette Pad, and spend our evenings cooking elaborate meals and watching 60 Minutes. While my zip code reads Brighton, my heart resides in New Jersey, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I attended Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA for undergrad, and received my degree in English and Art History. Seven sisters all the way! I stumbled into the field of library science after my childhood best friend suggested I apply for an internship at our hometown’s public library. Never had I ever looked forward to going into work every day — until work was a library. I knew I had to do whatever it took to keep being that happy, so here…