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Ode to the SLIS Lounge

Opine for gossip The long knowing microwave beeps The sound that fills the space before a bite or sip ~~~ Discussions of theoretical leaps Of job postings that best fit our skills The latest weekly crisis crawls in, seeping ~~~ It all shows the academic hills that we climb everyday Trying to understand our own desires within what the world wills ~~~ But this is the point of spaces like this, the way for us to connect, whether physical or digital we find to connect and stay ~~~ It’s multifunctional And never illogical

The Pandemic Effect

I’m sure this is a buzz word in some circle.  Maybe it’s a phrase that’s used so much now it just counts as normal vernacular at this point.  I’m not quite sure.  Just like I’m not really sure how during a global pandemic I was able to apply, enroll, and succeed at a Library Science Program.  It’s all kind of…a nebulous mystery.  Just like the where on Earth this past year a more has gone?! But at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I enrolled to study ways to increase people’s accessibility to resources and information, just as everyone suddenly needed access to resources and information in an extremely turbulent time.  When politics and divisions were highlighted, I got to see clearly where I had wanted to shine a spotlight focused on by others too.  It was incredibility reaffirming in my choices. So, all in all, the pandemic effect has not been a bad thing for me.  You just have to look at it differently, like looking at the pretty colors…

Staying Positive

So we are a few weeks in to the break between the Spring 2020 Semester and the Summer 2020 Semester, and it’s obviously a bit different this time around with COVID-19.  Last year around this time I was on a trip with my family, and this year we’re in the middle of a pandemic and Massachusetts is still under a stay-at-home advisory.  One thing I’ve thought a lot about during the past few weeks is stress caused by the outbreak, and the importance of staying positive.  Here are some of my tips for staying positive and coping with stress during this difficult time: Remember that this is only temporary and you are not alone! Maintain a sense of routine!  As much as I love staying in my pajamas, I have a more positive attitude when I get up, get dressed, and go about my everyday routine.  Take a break from COVID-19 news, media, and other pandemic-related content.  I disabled news notifications on my phone a while ago, and I’ve been trying to limit myself from…

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