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Feeling Stressed? Talk to someone!

As the semester comes to a close and the sun comes out, it is tempting to look longingly out the window rather than prepare for finals. While of course studying and working on classes is important, taking charge of your mental health and getting vitamin D is also vital. Stress about summer internships, jobs, or the end of classes can have many students in a downward spiral. Taking walks and getting out with friends is productive, but don’t forget to utilize our counseling center on campus even if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. The counseling center (located in One Palace Road, B-308) takes appointments and is ready to help! You don’t have to be in crisis to make an appointment; I highly recommend it if you are feeling anxious in the slightest. If you are like me, you might de-stress by venting to your friends, but speaking with a professional is even better. Graduate students might be directed to the Student Assistance Program to set up an appointment.

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