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Seven Classes Down, Five to Go!

We are DONE with the Spring 2020 semester everyone!  Seven classes down, five to go!  This summer I’m taking LIS 475: Organizational Ethics.  I was originally going to take a different class, but due to the unpredictability associated to COVID-19, I switched classes.  This class looks very interesting—based on the description, I think it’s going to be more of a theory-based class and we’ll be covering a lot of interesting topics.  However, the class doesn’t start until June 15, so I have a bit of a break before school starts again.  Usually, when the semester is over and we come up on a break, I’m thrilled.  However, this time it is different because there is a pandemic happening. This now means that there is a gaping hole in my everyday routine.  The stay-at-home advisory has been extended until May 18, and my sense of time and structure during the pandemic has pretty much come from two things, school and work, and now one of them is gone until mid-June.  On one hand, it’s nice not…