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New School Year and New Job

Peggy Hogan-Rao

   Hello, and welcome back to a new school year at SLIS. I have now been in this library science program for three years. I was originally planning to graduate with both my Masters of Library and Information Science this January with my certification to be a K-12 Library Media Teacher. As with lot of other things going on right now, that is not possible. I miss being on campus for classes, and so do the professors. My professor for my LIS 410 course on Library Services for Diverse Users did a live Zoom class with us last week, and we may have a couple more this semester. The “live” class sessions make it feel a little more like it is in-person.    As of early September, I have moved to a new apartment and started a new job. With public schools, there are some pros and cons right now for new teachers. The big downside is I could not find a placement for student teaching this fall. I came to this decision with lots of support…

Mentee-ing 101

Adaliz Cruz

Today I’m going to hype up my mentors. I can honestly say that without them, I wouldn’t have even considered librarianship, let alone finish my degree (in a few weeks). I have many mentors from different parts and times of my life; some are “official” mentors, some are people I look up to, and some are even self-appointed. I even started a newsletter because there were too many to keep up with! At one of my conferences, I found myself surrounded by a crowd of people introducing themselves to each other as “I’m her mentor”, “I’m also her mentor”, “Wait, I’m a mentor too”. I’m not going to lie, it was stressful! I can’t emphasize enough what the value of having a mentor is. This is a person that you look up to and who has your back and your best interest. They help guide you in your professional career and provide moral support when things don’t go the way you planned. They talk you up to their peers and give you a reassuring push…

Conference-ing 101

Adaliz Cruz

Hi all, I hope you are well, safe, and healthy.  Due to the present circumstances, I am currently working and studying from home as most of you are as well. This means that two of my upcoming professional development (aka conferences) events are cancelled. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bummed. I love going to conferences. Why? Well, the high of attending of course. You must be thinking, what in the world is a conference high? A conference high is what I call the tired, but exhilarated and pumped feeling during and after attending a conference. While I have not polled every single conference attendee, most people I talk to say that they have a sense of renewing one’s love of the field after attending a conference. While at a conference you get to meet/catch up with the colleagues you met thanks to my last post who live far away from you. If you are part of an affinity group, especially from marginalized communities, conferences provide the perfect setting for an impromptu support meeting…

Networking 101

Adaliz Cruz

I used to hate networking. I’m very much an introvert and even though I’ve worked on it and have gotten to know my introversion better I still sometimes struggle too. However, networking has allowed me to not be as intimidated as I once was by what I felt were “fancy people in the field”. Furthermore, it has landed me grants, scholarships, job interviews, and most importantly colleagues from around the world. I go to a lot of conferences and I do quite a lot of online networking too mostly through email lists, Facebook support groups, and just reaching out to people I would like to be in contact with. Sometimes I even cold email people! As a result I know my fair share of people in the field. OnceI forgot about someone I had connected with and they walked up to me excited to “finally meet the music librarian from Simmons”. I’m sure my face was worth a million!  Because of this, I constantly get asked on how I do it and how I’ve put…