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Johnna Purchase

Hi! My name is Johnna Purchase, and I am in the History + Archives Management dual degree program at Simmons. Although born in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I am the least Texan-Texan you’ll meet and have also lived in the Twin Cities, D.C., Dublin, and Heidelberg. I’m excited to now call Boston home! My passion for reading has been a lifelong love, but my interest in libraries did not begin until college when I interned in Rare Book and Special Collections at the Library of Congress and the Early Printed Book Division in the Long Room Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. While my writing credits include creative non-fiction essays printed in college-level literary journals and a publication with Rowman and Littlefield, I am eager to blog for the first time here! When I’m not wandering the stacks, I enjoy singing classically, performing in musicals, immersing myself in sci-fi novels, writing up new worlds, and reading poetry, especially war poetry from WWI and the inter-war period.

Entries by Johnna Purchase

  • Three Weeks In…Reflections on the First Semester

                We’re three weeks into the semester over here at Simmons! At times it feels as if I’ve been doing this forever (I’ve already completed my first group project!) and other times it feels as if I still don’t quite have a regular routine established (how should I use my after-class afternoons this week…?). I remind myself that it’s early in the semester still, and, as such, I – and my fellow first-years – are still figuring out what our individual “grad school rhythms” will be. During these weeks I keep returning to thinking about natural adjustments and the way my courses fit into my “master plan” for the three years of my program. Since this is my first semester of grad school, I have had to adjust to many different aspects of schooling – living in Boston, learning a new commute, being the student instead of the teacher, making new friends from scratch, finding groups and activities to participate in, and balancing work and study schedules. Amidst this change, I have most had to…

  • “Sharks, Left Hands, and Goodbyes”

    The past year has felt like a global season of goodbyes, each of varying magnitude – goodbyes to old routines, goodbyes to our understanding of the way society functions, and even in some cases, goodbye to loved ones. The biggest goodbye for me during this turbulent time is the goodbye to my old professional life as I make room to begin my studies at Simmons. For the past six years I have taught in a Title One public high school in Texas and, as an AP Literature teacher who works with seniors, said goodbye to my students annually as they graduated into the next phase of their own lives. Many of these students I taught for two or three courses and while I felt proud of their personal growth from their sophomore to senior years, sadness at the ending of so many relationships came too.  Not only did I say goodbye to my students this year, but I also said goodbye to my colleagues. To kick-off my own personal season of goodbyes, my family surprised…