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Registration Is Coming…

Last week one of the most-anticipated parts of my semester arrived – course listings! It seems that every year departments post their course offerings for the next term at just the right time; I’m not bored with my current classes per-say, but I am past the midway slump with more items crossed off my assignment lists than still on them, and my end-of-term papers are set squarely in my sights. Knowing how much work I have yet to do, dreaming about next semester and all of the new content I will get to learn is a welcome break. 

The new semester also promises a fresh start where I can readjust my schedule to try out a new mode of learning. This semester I stacked my course and work schedule so that I only have commitments Tuesday-Thursday. It’s a lot packed into a little bit of time, but I am really treasuring my four-days-in-a-row off too. Next semester I’m interested in experimenting with an online course or two as I’ve watched my roommate totally thrive with that schedule. 

This up-coming registration also marks the crossover point to being halfway done with the dual-degree History and Archives program. I only have one remaining required archival course before delving into the “pick list” which excites me as I gain more flexibility in the courses I take. On the other hand, I only have two more history courses left to take before my thesis – a fact that saddens me as I have loved every history class at Simmons so far. 

Currently, my “Spring 2023 Schedule One” in Workday lists “Digital History” (in-person) and “Establishing Archives and Manuscript Programs” (online) and “Digital Stewardship” (online). However, I also have my eye on “International and Comparative Librarianship!” Even as I continue to debate (and meet with my advisor about) my spring schedule, I will look forward to the registration day like a kid counting down the days to Christmas!