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Magenta Jasinski

Hello! I’m Magenta Jasinski and I’m in the dual Children’s Literature MA and Library Sciences – Youth Services MSLIS program at Simmons. I moved to Boston from Milwaukee, WI in January 2022 after finishing my undergraduate degree. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BA in Urban Studies, which informs the work I do everyday. I work in the Center for Community Engagement at Simmons, so part of my job is coordinating volunteer events and helping faculty with their service learning classes. In my very limited free time, I enjoy working on cross-stitch projects, reading graphic novels, writing pen pal letters, and cooking with my friends and partner. I’m excited to be writing for the Student Snippets Blog!

Entries by Magenta Jasinski

  • Book Events in Boston and Baltimore

    As we approach Thanksgiving and eventually finals for the Fall 2022 semester, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the book-themed events I’ve attended this semester. I’d like to highlight the following three:  First was the Boston Book Festival, which happened on October 29. (See Claire’s post about it if you’d like another perspective.) I went as an attendee in the morning and a volunteer in the afternoon. I had a chance to go to a comics panel at the Boston Architectural College which I’ve walked past many times but have never gone into. The inside of the building is very visually appealing with displays of architectural models, hardwood, and a spiral staircase. The event space was large despite the small number of attendees, the book sale table was well-stocked, the authors had a great conversation, and the questions asked to the authors were engaging. I ended up buying two young adult graphic novels after this event. Next, I went to the young adult horror event in Teen Central, which is the teen…

  • Resources for Transitioning to Boston

    Recently, I had a person who was close to me decide to leave the Simmons-Boston campus. This was a shock and a surprise to me, as she had only been on campus for five weeks when she announced this decision. The astronomical cost of living, the distance from family and friends, the frustrations she faced with her landlord, roommates, and other people in her life all contributed to this choice. Conversely, I’ve been in Boston since January, working at various internships and integrating myself into the life I’ve built for myself. Coming to Simmons this September was a relief after months of doing virtual classes andfeeling a tangible lack of community with other students. It was a joy to see my classmates inperson, and I felt everything click into place after I came on campus. I made the decision totransfer from my university in my hometown to prolong my stay in Boston for an unknownamount of time as I progress through my program and decide whether to stay or leave aftergraduation.  I can’t imagine moving…