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Experience: Where to Start Looking for It

I, like a lot of students new to the SLIS program, have been told time and time again of the importance of getting practical experience. During my first semester at Simmons, it seemed like every professor made a point to emphasize how vital internships and volunteering are, especially to those on the archives track. If you’re an overthinker like I am, you might be worried about where to start. Landing a perfect internship is always tricky. Here are some helpful tips for those searching for SLIS-related work experiences. 

  1. Always reach out, even if you feel like a bother. Ask your professors who to start with or just google local repositories and introduce yourself. Most professionals and professors are happy to speak with new students, give them tours, and speak to them about the industry. The worst that can happen is a “no.” We have so many lovely working professionals right here at Simmons working in either the library or the archives, take advantage of them! 
  2. Check Jobline religiously. New things are added everyday! 
  3. Volunteering might not be as glamorous as interning, but it still gives you practical experience on your schedule. Check out local libraries and museums! Most volunteer work is posted to a particular town or city’s government website so check there as well.
  4. Remember that you aren’t alone! Reach out to classmates and peers!