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Nearing the End

I’ve really been enjoying reading the thoughts of my cohorts regarding their paths through the GSLIS program at Simmons and their future career goals.  Elise talked about dropping the MA in History aspect of her degree, but I think I’ll continue to pursue it.  It means I’ll still be in the program come the Fall of 2014, but in the end I think it will be worth it. I have a summer internship lined up with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian’s Cultural Resources Center (pardon the long string of proper nouns) that I’m really excited about.  I also hope, within the history program, to focus my studies on Native American history—but up to and including contemporary issues like repatriation, energy, and access to education and information. On the other hand, I still have a month of spring semester classes to finish, and I really need to remind myself of that.  I’m really excited for  the summer, but I have a lot to do first.

The Processing Plan

Open access and fair use and two issues concerning archives and archival materials is an issue that has recurred in my work and research time and again.  Ideally, I believe that information should be freely available for students, researchers, and the average citizen to access and use, but the reality is often much different.  Barriers—whether in terms of economics, time, or organization—rear their ugly heads from all angles. This week, I’ve been working on processing plans for two separate collections (one for a class and one for an internship), and “access” has been at the back of my mind for each project.  Archivists are the gatekeepers, not just in the sense that we are safeguarding materials, but that we are also responsible for guiding people to materials relevant to their need.  In laying out the foundations for a finding aid, our ultimate search tool, how do I ensure that I am doing my job effectively?

The Internship Hunt

One fantastic aspect of the GSLIS program at Simmons College is the internship provision:  over the course of your graduate career, Simmons helps to place you with two archival internships.  I have an interview scheduled with the Cambridge Historical Society next week to discuss the possibility of me working on one of their cataloguing projects, which I’m looking forward to! However, my internship hunt hasn’t ended there.  While I have the option to take classes over the summer, I’ve been looking into a lot of really exciting internship possibilities at places like the Cultural Resources Center of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian AND (this is exciting on an entirely different level) with the Digital Media Assets team at Blizzard Entertainment. In the application process, I decided to head over to the Career Education Center at Simmons for help with my resume and cover letters.