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The Internship Hunt

One fantastic aspect of the GSLIS program at Simmons College is the internship provision:  over the course of your graduate career, Simmons helps to place you with two archival internships.  I have an interview scheduled with the Cambridge Historical Society next week to discuss the possibility of me working on one of their cataloguing projects, which I’m looking forward to!
However, my internship hunt hasn’t ended there.  While I have the option to take classes over the summer, I’ve been looking into a lot of really exciting internship possibilities at places like the Cultural Resources Center of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian AND (this is exciting on an entirely different level) with the Digital Media Assets team at Blizzard Entertainment.
In the application process, I decided to head over to the Career Education Center at Simmons for help with my resume and cover letters. 

They ripped my poor, little resume to shreds, but I couldn’t have been happier.  I received some really great insight and feedback, and I was invited to come in a second time to visit the changes and improvements I made.  I feel a lot more confident about the applications I submitted at the beginning of this week, and I’d recommend the CEC to every Simmons student out there.  And if you’re looking to apply to grad school and want to touch up your resume and application materials, check out the web site for some handy guides: