Student Snippets A Window Into The Daily Life & Thoughts of SLIS Students

Looking Forward

I can’t believe the semester is almost over! My first semester went by so fast that I feel like it just started. I have been enjoying the warmer weather and getting to walk around Boston. I haven’t spent the Spring yet in Boston so I’m excited to see all the flowers bloom. While I’m looking forward to the semester ending so I can have a break, there is a lot of work to do between now and the end of the semester. 

It’s almost time for fall class registration and I have been planning my classes for next semester. I’m looking forward to next semester and getting to take more electives. Graduate class registration is not as stressful as undergrad classes were so I don’t mind this process. The SLIS faculty is also smaller so I feel like it’s easier to know someone who has taken the class or had the professor before.