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House Hunting

This summer I decided to stay in Boston and look for a house to move into for the next couple of years. I can only compare this experience to my time I looked for homes and apartments in Austin, so let me tell you the number one thing I have noticed, broker fees. Boston is expensive enough already and to have a broker fee’s, it really adds to the moving expense.  According to an article  published in April 2018, Boston ranks #7 in most expensive cities to live in. The article states the average rent is $2100. In Austin, the rent is expensive, but not quite as much, and there typically is not a broker fee included.  The property managers pay the brokers themselves.  It was quite a shock to see so many places that require a broker fee! However, there are search engines that allow you to choose houses that do not have broker fees.  You will need to be prepared to have patience and compromise and some of the requirements you may have for your new home.

If you are single and don’t mind roommates, take advantage of Simmons Connect and find a couple buddies for a closer space near campus. If you are set in your ways, have a partner, or pets outside of town is your best bet (in my experience!). There are some gems out there.  If you are looking for roommates, you can allow yourself more time in searching as most people have several month’s notice when a roommate is moving out.  If you are looking for a space of your own, be prepared the month before you move-in date to dedicate a significant portion of your time searching.  Most property management companies seem to wait until the month before to start finding tenants for the space.  I was told serval times I was looking too early. You can take advantage of this and search to see what kind of places are out there within your budget and what you feel you can or cannot compromise on to prepare yourself for the actual house hunt!

Good luck out there!