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E-Readers, Tree Books, Libraries & Traveling

Currently I am in Manchester England.  The UK is a place I visit often as my husband is from England.  I was never much of the E-reader type.  I like to hold my books, collect them, smell them, all the things people like us in the LIS & Children’s Literature programs are all too familiar with.  I tried E-readers in the past and could never get behind them.  It didn’t feel real.  Even traveling back and forth from the UK I would lug Jonathan Frazen, Stephen King, or any of my 350+ pages of YA books across the pond.  My in-laws and husband would smile at my efforts and my diligence in my devotion to the book I was reading. (The idea behind Frazen was that if I brought a long enough book I wouldn’t have to bring several smaller books, logical right?)

I did begin to utilize the public library system over here, which was a huge help and downsized the small personal library I brought with me everywhere.  Plus, it was interesting exploring another country’s public library system and comparing them. Liverpool has been my favorite library thus far. Very modern but has a fantastic reading room that was the old library, so it has all the English feels about it. 

Lately, though, I finally have got behind the e-reader trend (not so much a trend anymore is it?).  Not for all my books, but for a lot of them. The app Libby is great because you can utilize your local library’s ebook selection.  You can browse from the app and download the book in just a few minutes.  The only downside when traveling with the app is you have to have internet connection to access the books. Which can be a problem if you are on the train abroad without a connection and just want to read your book. I still carry a paperback with me just for this reason.  I also enjoy Apples iBook app because I can instantly buy a book and have it in my library.  No need for wifi once you have bought a book here.  Having an e-reader just makes sense when you are traveling and literally lightens your cargo making room for more clothes and shoes and gifts!

Happy summer! Until next time!