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Simmons Connect

I wanted to mention how helpful Simmons Connect has been for me this semester.  It was my first web-based experience with Simmons (other than  This is where you find out your registration start date and times, how you register for classes (very important), view your schedule, check your email, find events happening around campus, access campus print (another super important one), any way you get the idea. 

Access to Simmons Connect keeps you on schedule with the school, but another aspect I really like is students can post things here (through a mediator of course).  People looking for babysitters, jobs, sublets, and important updates you need to know such as the library only being open to students during finals (don’t forget your student ID!).  I found my summer sublet here from a fellow student who is in the Social Work graduate program.  I really like knowing we can sublet from other students; it feels a bit safer.  When you are new to a city, craigslist can be a bit daunting with unfamiliar locations, safe/unsafe locations, proximity to Simmons, and then the whole idea of living with strangers (!). Trusting your space, or your children, or whatever it may be, with someone within the Simmons community takes away a lot of the anxieties some of us feel.  So, log into Simmons Connect to touch base with your program, shop for a new apartment, or find a babysitter, it does it all!