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Everyone’s Talking About It…Wrap up + Career Fair Tidbits

Yep. How can we not talk about it?  One more semester (or the first as it is in my case) almost in the bag! One step closer to graduation and that coveted degree for us all.  I finally got into a routine with my school work, work, and how to make free time for myself about four weeks ago, just after Spring Break.  Funny how that works, but I will not argue about the end coming near.  It is a strange mix of stress and glee for me.  It is probably the only time I try to finish a paper early so that I can wrap up my semester early! This never works for me by the way, though I do feel the motivation to get on top of the work rather than the other way around.

This semester it seems that spring has decided to come the last couple weeks of our semester as well.  I will not complain about its delay, at least it happened! The flowers were planted and blooming before the weather warmed up, so I like to think as a city we collectively willed spring into showing up.  It makes the end extra special that we now get study free nights and beautiful sunny days. 

One last thing I wanted to mention, is the Career Fair was last week for the SLIS program.  I volunteered for this, and it was quite the turn out for students and employers.  SO many libraries in the Boston area turned up. Even J.Jill clothing had a table.  I will reiterate my theme I have mentioned in the previous post; that is, Simmons has the resources if you are willing to show up and take advantage.  It is excellent timing for the Career Fair for those who are just graduating and those who are looking for internships. I believe it is every April so take advantage of it next year!

Until next time guys!