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An Apprehensive Baseball Fan

Baseball Season is upon on. Opening games were just last week! I was never one to really watch baseball on television (so long!), but I did enjoy watching the World Series last year (ASTROS!).  I do enjoy going to games because everything’s more fun in person in my opinion.  Plus, it’s a chance to drink beer and partake in the food I usually would not. Hello junk food! I learned a bit about the game by watching the World Series, which I mean, the most elementary fundamentals of the game. Enough to watch, cheer, understand, but still feed my always curious brain so I can ask ridiculous questions most baseball fans will roll their eyes at. I don’t care because it’s a learning opportunity. Right? I have a feeling that this year things will change for me as a baseball fan.  The Red Sox are literally just around the corner from us here at Simmons, and it’s across the street from my work, so I am expecting to be inundated with all things Sox this season.  I must say I am a tad freightened by the level of fandom I am sure will precede the games and who knows after a win!

 I have been told to avoid the T at all cost on game days (no problem, Boston is a great, walkable city). Also, I was advised to download their schedule to stay on top of home games. Which I did and have provided a link to which has an easy downloadable schedule to whatever devise you prefer. I hope to see my first Sox game sometime this spring and summer here (whenever they decide to arrive!) though I may test out the waters the first time around. I am a Texas girl through and through, but I think I can find room in my heart to support the Red Sox. They’re one of the many reasons Boston is the strong, proud city that I see it to be, and I can get behind that.