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New Student Orientation and Meeting People- Make Friends!

If you get the chance to attend Simmons, try and go to the new student orientation.  It’s a great opportunity not only to see the campus and introduce yourself but to meet fellow students who are new to the program as well. This has been a lifesaver for me, mainly because I moved up here not knowing anyone.  There were only four of us at the Spring orientation, and we all ended up being in the same classes.  I feel that this has made us into a little pack this semester where we help each other in a variety of ways. One way, being new students and new to Boston, we can chat about challenges we encounter living in Boston. Most of these conversations have to do with the MBTA system and apartment searching.  I’m currently grilling my friends from the ‘burbs about what they like, don’t like, and how the commute is, because, in case you didn’t know, Boston is a wee bit expensive guys.  Look for roommates if possible!

The other super important part about making friends in the program is that you can form study groups and brainstorm.  Graduate school is not easy, and when you have friends who are going through it with you, it is nice to feel you’re not alone in all the chaos.  This has helped me out tremendously.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a new city, state, and school. Knowing other people feel the same takes away some of the overwhelming aspects of it all.

To sum up, because we are mid-semester (what?!) and spring is around the corner (hopefully), I am finding my small group of friends who are in the same position as me super helpful this time of year.  There are projects, papers, presentations to be done, and just having another human being to discuss these deadlines with is so helpful.  Even if you are a shy introvert like myself, go to new student orientation and make a buddy or two.  You will be happy you did.