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Why I Chose Simmons

I came across Simmons when reading a snippet on Kristin Cashore’s blog. She mentioned she got her M.A. at the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College and I thought, “Any school that incubated and turned out this type of creative author has to have something special going for it.”  I was currently an undergrad at Texas State University and put Simmon’s in my “Some Day” folder I have filed away in the back of my head.

 Fast forward five years and I am half way through my LIS degree at University of North Texas.  I took a children’s literature class and during my first research paper I knew I wanted to learn exclusively about children’s literature and all that encompassed it.  I did enjoy the LIS program, but I thought, if I am going for my dreams, I am going all the way. 

 I researched more into the school, requested packets of information (which I received in abundance) and did a little outside research about different authors who attended the program. I looked into the Eric Carle Museum and courses offered through Simmons, researched the summer institute, the Horn Book Magazine (located on campus), and through all this, I began to get very excited.  I had to be a part of this community. 

 Between my LIS studies, I applied and crossed my fingers. I obsessively researched Boston just in case I was accepted.  When I got the phone call from the admission’s office for the good news I was stoked.  Yes, a phone call! Simmons has the type of people who care and reach out through every process. From the beginning when I was first applying it was easy to access a real person to talk to about what else I needed in preparation for my application, quick turn arounds when corresponding via email about my interview and flexibility on scheduling, and a personal phone call from admissions!

 I applied to other programs that offered Children’s Literature as a specialty, but only if you were enrolled in a master’s degree in Education or Literature.  Many of those programs were online. I chose Simmons for its dedication to children’s literature and the professional standards they have for the program. The location of the campus is in the heart of Boston and their on-campus courses are great to meet people face to face in order to network. 

 Simmons offers online courses for some of their degree programs and I do not doubt they hold the same standards and professionalism for their remote students.  If anyone will make you feel a part of a community while being a thousand miles away, it would be Simmons. 

 I feel that Simmons takes care of people.  In whatever it is you need.  They want to see you succeed, are open and vocal about opportunity, and if my first month here has taught me anything, it’s that I am going to succeed.  Not only because I want to, but because Simmons has the tools, the drive, and the connections to make success happen.