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End of Term Projects

  Holy Overdue fines, Batgirl!  I have so much to do this last week of the semester! I could plead an excuse why I don’t have time for a fabulous blog entry this week, but then I thought, why not let you see what a sleep deprived GSLIS student has been up to? As part of a larger Tech tutorial project, I created a sample library website using Drupal Gardens. The actual tutorial is still in progress, but please visit my sample website and tell me what you think!  I will be adding more content and improving the site in response to peer feedback, including yours. This website is the product of a “How to…” I created for my Technology class.  Be sure to click on all the tabs, links, and complete the short survey…and of course, follow the link at the bottom of the website to “Like” us on Facebook!

Dig In

You don’t have to subscribe to online newsletters, blogs, and tumblrs – but since you are reading this you are halfway there… Librarians were and are some of the most profilic bloggers around and there are reams of lists and feeds from which to choose. I am going to just suggest two; the technical/rural  Jessamyn West, and the user experience (UX) commentator Aaron Schmidt. Again, you don’t have to use twitter, leave comments on people’s blogs, or create an online presence for yourself – but I would recommend it.

Embracing Technology

On the first day of my Introduction to Archives class, my professor made certain to emphasize the fact that, while the archival field certainly involves a great deal of work with “old stuff,” it’s also very much concerned with and immersed in the realm of “new stuff,” that is, technology. Archivists’ relationship with technology is twofold:  they are tasked with preserving and making available information stored on machine-dependent materials (e.g., floppy disks, VHS tapes, the Internet) and with using technology to make their collections as accessible as possible (putting them online, making them searchable, etc.). I have not had the opportunity to do a great deal of work with digital preservation yet, but I’m excited to take Archiving and Preserving Digital Media later on in the GSLIS program. I have, however, had the opportunity to learn about the other side of technology in archives in a course I’m taking this semester called Archival Access and Use. One of the main purposes of this course is to teach students the archival description standards and practices currently…

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