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Course Registration Is Upon Us!

In the midst of the last few weeks of the semester is another crucial time: course registration for summer and fall. I’ve decided to take one summer course this year, LIS 488, in order to wrap up the general degree requirements so I can take an elective course in the fall. Since it’s my second semester I have to take LIS 438: Intro to Archival Theory & Practice as well as HIST 597: Historical Methods in order to complete general requirements for my Archives Concentration and my MA degree. That leaves me with one course I can choose to register with what I want. Right now I haven’t decided if I’ll take LIS 446: Art Documentation or LIS 532Q: Museum Studies. That’s always the hard part: what do you choose when there are so many options?

While taking a summer course may seem like an easy decision so I could knock out requirements I did not make it lightly. I’ll be working full time this summer and want to avoid getting burned out. The summer courses are offered in two 8 week terms, so they are accelerated compared to if I took the same course in either the fall or spring. Finally, LIS 488 is focused on technology and has a lot of coding, which I know I’ll need to dedicate extra time to practicing. Ultimately, I chose to register because I trust that I’ll be able to balance the workload. I think it’s worth it even though it will require impeccable time management skills and sacrificing some of my free time. Now I just have to decide what elective to take!