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SLIS West: A Few of My Favorite Things

I love the feeling of being part of the smaller cohort out on the SLIS West campus! Since we’re smaller in numbers, classes feel like weekly gatherings to talk with friends about important issues surrounding librarianship. It’s been really cool to get to connect with like-minded peers and hear about their experiences from a variety of educational backgrounds, institutional settings, and life experiences. These connections build week after week and semester after semester.  It is also an incredibly supportive and welcoming environment – on my first day in January 2023, I was worried about finding lunch companions between classes. While I was in line at Tailgate Picnic, the deli in the Village Commons, one of the people from my class invited me to eat lunch with them and their friends in the office. Little did I know how consequential that would prove to be, as it got me involved with LISSA West, our branch of the student organization out on the West Campus – fast forward a year, and I am the President of LISSA West!  I love the SLIS West Community and I want to make sure it continues to grow and thrive.