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Pushing Through Spring Semester

If you’re like me then you might already be hoping for summer to start. The weather, seemingly, is getting warmer. People are getting antsy in class and in the streets. In a few weeks, the swan boats will be on the pond, crowds of baseball fans will overrun Fenway, and tourists will swarm the city. Whether you stay in Boston over summer break or go elsewhere, we all still have the same hurdle to jump. 

Ending the semester. 

We are about a month out from the end of the semester so everyone is cracking down or about to crack down on finals. Here are some helpful tips on staying focused while also keeping yourself healthy. 

  1. Form study groups! Personally, I have had a tough semester. Reaching out to my classmates to work on projects and homework together has really improved my work and my mental state. It is not a competition! We are all in this together! 
  2. Start early! We are a month out, but that month will go by quicker than you think. Working on projects now will only help you in the long run. 
  3. Take breaks! Chugging an energy drink and hiding in the library will only get you so far. Every twenty minutes or so, stand up and stretch. 
  4. Water, shower, food, and sleep! If feeling stressed, angry or upset, these simple tasks will improve your mood. I know when I’m studying for finals I often overlook the simple things in an effort to crunch, but that actually makes my mood worse. 
  5. Ask your professor! If you have questions, you should ask! That’s why we have teachers and that’s why teachers have office hours. 
  6. DON’T PANIC! While striving for good grades is admirable, realizing they aren’t everything decreases stress and tension. Ultimately, we are here to learn, not to test perfectly.