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Transportation In Boston

For what seems like the entirety of this spring semester, the MBTA has been out of commission. And the green line is out again until the second week of March after being worked on in January. Many people have asked me “does this always happen?” Yes and no. The train, most commonly, the infamous green line will be shut down almost every three months regularly. But, I have never seen two shutdowns this close to each other. In my time living here, I have had to anticipate these shutdowns. 

Fret not, while construction is annoying, there are still ways to move about the city without it. While the T gets a facelift, students and staff have had to find new methods of coming to campus. 

Of course, the easiest option for the down on their luck commuter is to have a friend with a car, having a classmate with a car can also prove useful. Talk to your peers to see if anyone is available for carpooling! While walking from Allston to Seaport might not be feasible for all, Boston actually is an incredibly walkable city. As the weather evens out, maybe it’s time to invest in a good pair of sneakers for your commute. Bikes are also a good way to commute with the incoming good weather, but personally I am afraid to bike alongside Boston traffic. Finally, the shuttle buses are usually pretty decent. Yes, you don’t know when they are coming and going but they usually aren’t too crowded and will get you to your destination. You might have to get up earlier, but at least it’s free. 

Lastly, I urge everyone who feels aggravated with the recent train troubles to reach out to the MBTA. Mayor Michelle Wu has been very public with her wish to rehabilitate the T and help commuters so I believe it’s important for our opinions to be heard.