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Warm Weather and the End of the Semester

The warm weather has returned, and the end of the semester is upon us! It has been a
while since I posted to the blog, and I have a lot to share. This semester I’ve been completing an
internship at Harvard’s School for Public Health in their Center for the History of Medicine
(CHOM). I have interviewed several of the people who work in CHOM. One of my biggest
takeaways is that when you are receiving a donation it is important to make the donor feel heard
and valued. The archivist should not be in a rush, because often many emotions are tied up into
donations. This is another way to understand the archives as a relational space. I have also been
able to help with the accessioning of Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith’s papers. There is something so
special about walking through another person’s career.
At the end of March, I traveled back to Washington and attended the Washington Library
Association annual conference. This year it was held in my hometown. I also had the joy of
attending with my mother who is a teacher librarian. It was so special to meet other LIS students,
receive mentorship from the experienced librarians there, and see old friends. I am hoping to
expand my conference attendance in the next year or two.
This afternoon I will be working on my research paper for my transnational labor history
class. I have a few more projects for my library courses to finish up, but the end is in sight. Time
to power through the last three weeks of the semester.

Bonus thought: My mom and I went to a talk from the bookmobile driver for the Walla Walla public
library. He gave us bubbles for showing up at his
presentation as a family.