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Spring is Here!

Am I the only one who got a huge mood boost once it got warmer out? While I am working tomorrow and Friday I will be outside enjoying the weather as much as I can during my lunch breaks. With the warmer weather begins the slow crawl to the finish line of the semester. I know I’ll be spending this next month working on the final drafts of my masters thesis. We’re still on track to graduate! Given that I’m almost done with the project here are a few tips that I think would help students who are just beginning this process.

  1. If you can, work with an archive you have easier access to (whether via an existing relationship or geographically close)
  2. Doing a little work every day REALLY pays off
  3. Be extra extra EXTRA nice to yourself
  4. If you need to take more time, it’s okay! 🙂
  5. If it’s super stressful for you, remember it will end! You will finish and you will graduate!

It’s a daunting project but definitely one that will teach you a lot of skills on time management and researching in the end. You can do it!