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Thesis Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I hope everybody’s been having a good semester so far. It’s crazy to think that this is potentially my last semester with Simmons. I’m currently writing my History thesis and taking LIS 456 – Records Mangement. Taking a class alongside the thesis is a lot of work but it’s been nice to be able to switch my brain off from historical writing to focus on an LIS project.

Managing my classes and two jobs requires a lot of time management and planning out my days well in advance. I’ve found it’s super easy to get caught up in my to-do list and then forget about self care and doing fun small little things with a little bit of my free time. I’ve made a short list of things that don’t take a ton of time in the moment but you can walk away from feeling better.

  1. Journal 5 quick things you think you’re doing great in right now
  2. 5min gratitude list
  3. 10minute cleaning spree (I thrive in a clean environment and doing dishes while listening to my favorite podcast is one of my favorite things)
  4. Drink a big glass of water and stretch
  5. Take a brisk walk or do a small workout
  6. Relax for 10 minutes and watch a little bit of a show
  7. Read a small bit of a book
  8. Take a nap!

There are many others but these have really been helping me when I need a break. Good luck to everyone writing their thesis this semester and to everyone working through their classes. We got this!