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Wrapping Everything Up

As the semester rushes to a conclusion, I am reflecting over the academic ride this first
semester has been. I have been in three courses this semester: LIS 415 Information Organization,
LIS 488 Technology for Information Professionals, and HIST 597 Historical Methods. Taking
two library classes and one history is standard for dual history and library science students.
I have experimented with online classes and discovered that they are well organized and
straightforward to complete. Going into the semester I was hopeful that my hypothesis would
hold true, that if anybody can do online classes well it would be a school for librarians. So far
that has been the case. Even with learning the brand-new skills of basic coding I feel like I have
grasped the concepts! Taking a few courses online has been really useful since my schedule is
much more flexible. I have been able to run errands and go to museums at quieter times, and I
have been able to get a job which does not conflict with my school hours. If you are considering
trying online courses, the Simmons library program is a good place to do that.
My history course has covered some very interesting ground. Since it is a methods course
the class centers various ways of doing historical work. Some of my favorite topics have been
microhistories, environmental history, and historical legacies. I think a lot of my interest has to
do with where I come from. I grew up in a community that cared a lot about the natural
environment and its relationship to humanity. I care about small communities and the way that
the small impacts or shapes the world. And I am interested in the way that events from long ago
echo in our present moment. History has a lot to teach us about what it means to be human. Even
with history being an often depressing subject to study I find that there is a constant thread of
hope. We have the opportunity to take what we know about the past and change the world we
live in.
After a semester of classes, lectures, readings, write-ups, and projects I am still convinced
that what I am learning matters and fits my life goals. I am excited to see what new things I will
be able to learn next semester. Peace to you all and happy holidays!