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Finals are Here!

As the title suggests, finals are here! I know for students, that can be one of the scariest words during the semester. I know currently I’m sitting on two very large essays and a group project, all due within days of each other. Lots of fun! This is my last winter finals season for a while so I’ve been trying to remind myself to step back and enjoy it (as much as I can).

I’ve also been trying my best to form good habits when this stressful season comes around, but I’m still ironing everything out. For now, I have a short list with some quick little activities you can do for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remember! Your papers/code/group projects will shine if you’re taking care of yourself.

Ivy’s quick tip list for managing stress:

  1. Drink a big glass of water
  2. Make post-it notes of all your projects/papers and include a small reward for yourself when you finish it. (Makes me feel more on top of things when I see it all written out)
  3. Remind yourself that this is temporary
  4. Journal or angry type out those feelings
  5. Go find a mirror and tell yourself 5 times that you’re accomplishing amazing things and that this is hard but it will pass.

Good luck to everyone!