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Maintaining Balance

For everyone who experiences daylight savings time, I hope you’re managing okay! I know the extra hour of sleep can be a blessing but also throw everyone’s rhythm off. That paired with finishing up midterms can result in everyone feeling a little warn down. So I hope that everyone’s been finding great ways to do self-care while we get through the final chunk of the semester.

For me I’ve been going on walks and admiring all of the brightly colored foliage and planning a small fun activity here and there so I have something to look forward to. I would also say this is a great time to visit Salem if you haven’t been yet. It’s much quieter so you can really enjoy walking around and seeing all of the museums and information available.

I also always recommend to try and take a weekend where you do…nothing. I’ve noticed there’s often pressure to make use of all of your time whether it be academic, going on adventures, or just cleaning your house. While all of those are absolutely important, I’ve always been an advocate of scheduling in nothing time. Where you take a break (and a breath) and do almost nothing. I took a nothing break last weekend when I didn’t have many assignments due and didn’t schedule any social obligations. It was an incredibly restful weekend and I highly recommend it for anyone starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Even if you don’t have the time to do a full weekend, a nothing afternoon (or even 10 minutes) can be incredibly helpful.