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Setting Back the Clocks

I feel like I just began the semester and now the countdown to Thanksgiving has begun and I’m currently in swirl of midterms. While that can be tiring, I’ve been taking breaks to remind myself to enjoy it. This is my last fall semester for a while and knowing myself I’ll probably miss it at the start of next September. For now I’m focusing on choosing my final library science class. I’m considering between 456 – Records Management, LIS 476 – Outreach & Advocacy for Cultural Heritage, or LIS 471-OL1 – Photographic Archives, or LIS 471-OL1 – Photographic Archives. Each one offers insight into a different side of Library Science that I’m interested in. I’m most likely going to take Records Management as I’ve heard this provides helpful experience working in a corporate archive, which I would love to work in.

I’ve also began receiving emails about thesis topics. I hope my fellow pre-thesis-semester students are doing okay. It can be daunting but I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of really delving into my research and being able to show off my work at the end of everything. It’s an exciting time!

For now, I hope everyone enjoys their extra hour of sleep on Sunday when we set the clocks back and can hopefully take a break for a bit from midterms.