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Off To A Good Start

Wow! It’s already been a month since I moved all the way across the country to begin the dual MA/MLIS program. Boston is not eastern Washington. I realize that should be self-evident, but some of the differences seriously surprised me. Where are the Fred Meyer’s and Safeways? Why am I now shopping for groceries at Target?! When you walk to get your groceries your shopping list gets a lot smaller too. I am finally learning why meal planning is so important.

At least there is the continuity of valuing the great outdoors here in Boston. There are so many parks and green spaces. No matter what time of day I venture out of my apartment I am sure to see joggers and bikers and walkers enjoying the parks surrounding the area. Although it would take me longer to get out of the city to go for a hike, the number of spaces which encourage nature walks makes it seem less overwhelmingly city and more approachable.

Although my library classes are online this semester, I am enjoying them. I never thought I would learn how to code without having a complete meltdown. Technology hasn’t been my strength over the past few years. But in LIS 488 I am having fun coding! My history course is in person on campus, and I am loving the vibrant historical conversations and debates we have in that space. Historical methods feels like an academic welcome. Since I studied history as an undergrad transferring to grad school and continuing historical conversations is comfortable, even as it stretches me.

In terms of community, I have been exploring several different avenues for finding friends: class, church, and the Colleges of Fenway choir. Music was a huge part of my everyday life in undergrad, so being able to continue participating in a musical ensemble brings me so much joy! This semester the choir is singing “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt. This song is a challenge to continue to move forward and believe that the problems you are facing now will not win out in the end. Although the first semester at a new institution can feel isolating and lonely, I am reminded to keep being brave.