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Fall Thoughts

I’m 100% sure it was only two days ago that I attended my first 407 class and turned in my website for 488. But here we are, almost two years later and I’m starting my final year at Simmons. I’ve pondered the idea of continuing my education (Dr. Ivy sounds pretty awesome), but post-graduation I’ll be retiring my hw planner and fully entering the workforce. I’m excited for the opportunities this will bring, as well as the potential prospects of moving out of Massachusetts (for a little bit) and really working within the field. There are so many different avenues that librarians can take for work and I find that super exciting.

But before May comes around, I have classes to attend, jobs to work at, and clubs to run. I have some very excited ideas for events that Panopticon will hopefully put on later this fall. If anyone has had any thoughts on joining student organizations, I would highly recommend it. They’re a wonderful way to meet people and get more leadership skills.

Now that it’s fall, I’ve also been taking advantage of all of the fun activities that the Boston area has to offer. I’m not a huge fan of this season but I’m excited to go apple picking and then pumpkin picking in October. What’s everyone’s favorite fall activity?