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Warm Weather and Future Plans

Happy Summer!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather and has had a restful July so far. I will say I love living in New England but the short summers definitely make me sad. I do appreciate everything snow has to offer but sometimes I ponder moving to a more southern state post graduation. The four seasons can stay but just have slightly longer summers. 

Speaking of graduation, I’m also starting to look at jobs! While I will be graduating next May, I am a planner and can’t resist starting to see what possibilities are available. My partner and I have started discussing places we would be willing to move to if I got any job offers and D.C. so far has been my top choice. It’s wild because I feel like I just moved to Boston to start the program and now my graduation is on the calendar! I know that it’s over 10 months away but it feels so close. Any other final year students feel the same? 

I will say pondering your future career path is a lot more fun while you’re on vacation. I recently came back from visiting my partner’s parents in upstate Pennsylvania and it was absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a summer person like I am, definitely try and make it outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.