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I am sad to say that this will be my last post to the SLIS Student Snippets blog, but not for any sad reason.  It is simply because as of May 20, 2022, I will have graduated and no longer be a Simmons Student, but an alum!  Quite an upgrade if I may say (okay, okay, sorry for the bad joke).

Farewells are never my strong suite though and make things too bittersweet for my taste.  So, let’s not make this sign-off somber.  Mainly because I have loved every moment being a Simmons student and almost don’t want it to end.  But everything does come to an end, and it is time to move on to new things, and I hope the transition to being an alum is just as great as being a student.

For exactly what the future holds for me is uncertain, like so many things right now, but I am embracing it.  I am looking forward to taking a calculated step in my career as I apply what I learned at Simmons, from basic library topics and information science theory to advanced topics on intersectionality and technology.  As always, I have wanted to preserve information while making it widely accessible to any user who may need it and help them overcome barriers to it.  And I feel that my education at SLIS has given me the tools to do this, as well as the skills to adapt in an ever-changing information and technology driven world.

So, while I have no shiny new title to share with you all, I do have a hope for a better future for myself, my fellow students (aka my fellow soon to be graduates), and hopefully beyond.

I hope my and my fellow writer’s posts here on SLIS Student Snippets have been useful to any prospective and current student.  And if anyone is interested in getting in touch with me to talk about things, you can certainly get in touch with me via SLIS admissions.

My best wishes to everyone and my your life journeys lead you to places you love!