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Papers, Projects, and Finals – Oh My!

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves this finals season! Part of that for me is turning my heat back on since Boston has been incredibly chilly the past few weeks. I know some people call it the windy city and that is certainly correct on some days. But all the flowers have started to bloom and on my study breaks I’ve been taking walks to look at all of the new shoots starting to come up. 

Speaking of study breaks, I feel like every semester I’m continuously updating my study habits. I start out thinking that I have a strong understanding of what helps me stay on top of my tasks…. And then finals roll around and I find myself mistaken. Which isn’t to say it’s been bad, I just now have a better understanding of what DOESN’T work for me and I can adjust accordingly. 

Which brings me to the question, what’s everyone’s favorite study hack?

As someone who has multiple 20 page papers to write, I found that if I write in a smaller and different font than what’s required, I have an easier time making it to page limits. I’ve also gotten super into pomodoros, where you complete a task for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break, and then repeat for another three sessions. 

Good luck to everyone this finals season, take a nap and eat a snack, it helps more than you think!