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Career Fair in Review

Last week I attended the Simmons SLIS career fair.  It was a really informative experience that allowed myself and other students to talk to current LIS professionals about current job opportunities and fields that we should keep an eye on. 

I personally attended to get an idea of where the field was at.  I used to, before studying for my masters, work for a museum internship program and would attend these fairs on “the other side of the table.”  So, I was going to see what had changed since then, what my perspective as a student had changed, and hopefully to get some information on the state of LIS fields.

I walked away feeling much more informed and confident about my job prospects once I graduate this May, regardless of where I end up.  Everyone I talked to was really kind, helpful, and happy to answer questions.  The best thing was a walked away with was interest in fields, like development fundraising research to law libraries, that I had not before.  And as someone who likes keeping their options open, that was great to experience.

Overall, the SLIS Career Fair was hugely worth my time last Thursday afternoon, and I hugely appreciate Career Services for arranging it.   I also want to thank everyone who I meet there for taking the time to talk to me.  It really helped me get a better idea of where I’m going next in my own career.