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Spring and the Midway Point

The past few weeks have been your standard Boston spring weather.  Beautiful days sometimes going up to even fifty degrees followed by frigid windy days that sting at your face and snow that covers the ground, only to melt in the next few warm days.  Meteorologically speaking, it is a strange time, but so is coming back to classes after a weeklong spring break.

For all my classes, we have officially passed the midway point.  It’s a great feeling and my classes have all been going really well.  But it’s also strange to be nearing the end of the semester and, in the grand scheme of things, my time at Simmons.  I’m starting to realize how much I will miss my classes.  I know that may be strange to say, but I did miss the lectures and discussions last week, and it made me start thinking about the future.  But let’s not dwell on melancholy topics.

I am truly excited to really start getting into my assignments for the end of the semester.  I have a website on crafting resources to build with a group, metadata schemas to research and present on, and discussions to lead on technology and intersectionality.  All of these I deeply enjoy and plan on treasuring every moment of in the coming weeks, especially the discussions with my classmates.  I really enjoy us all talking about our readings in a seminar format, learning from each other on topics. 

So, as I look forward to these things, I will hold them dear, as the future beyond is still unknown to me due to so many things.  As it is with for many of my fellow students, not to mention the world.