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Why I Enjoy Finals

I’m probably one of the few people who really enjoys when the end of a semester approaches and all our final projects and papers are due.  I understand why others don’t share this sentiment; all of the deadlines are certainly stressful.  But there’s something about that chaos that creates this comradery across the students.

I noticed this at Simmons when my classes were online last year, but now that I am on campus, there is no denying it.  There is something I personally enjoy walking through the hallways and seeing everyone studying, helping each other, offering seats to people who need them so you can go over those notes before the exam, to just letting people nap when they need it.  There’s just something so, I would say magical, but really, it’s that sense of community everyone gets and encourages each other to push through it to make it through to the other side.

And that’s what I really enjoy, this sense of community that everyone gets around this time.  All of the students, regardless of their focus, age, or degree they’re working towards, help each other out so we can accomplish our goals.  And you can feel it on campus and on your online classes.  And that I find that very beautiful and heartwarming.