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My Last Registration!

It’s that time again…Registration!  You know how much I love it!  We do it every semester!  In the past few weeks, we’ve had registration for both Summer 2021 and Fall 2021. The Fall 2021 registration period was my last registration at Simmons due to my January 2022 graduation date, so in turn this will be my last blog post about registration, which is kind of bittersweet.  

I had such a difficult time picking what I wanted to take for my final two classes at Simmons!  I especially had a difficult time picking my Summer 2021 class.  There seems to be fewer classes offered during the summer, and a lot of them are geared more towards the Archives Management concentration or the School Library Teacher concentration.  Of the ones not geared towards those two concentrations, it feels like I’ve taken a lot of the options already, like LIS 404: Principles of Management, LIS 407: Information Sources and Services, LIS 451: Academic Libraries, LIS: 453: Collections Development and Management, LIS 475: Organizational/Information Ethics, and LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals.  Last summer, before the pandemic really got started, I was originally planning on taking LIS 447: Collection Maintenance when it was in-person, but then the pandemic happened, and I ended up taking LIS 475.  For Summer 2021 I’m currently enrolled in LIS 447: Collection Maintenance.  I read all about Amie’s experience last summer taking LIS 447 on the blog, and I think it sounds like a lot of fun!  I just wish it was an online Zoom class–this is an online asynchronous class.  I’ve gotten so used to taking the Zoom classes and I just love the format, so it’s a little disappointing that it’s asynchronous, but that’s okay!  

I also had a tough time picking my class for Fall 2021.  For the fall semester, we are no longer fully online—some classes will be held on campus.  There are face-to-face classes in Boston and Mount Holyoke, online synchronous classes, online asynchronous classes, and some hybrid classes.  Given the current pandemic status, I feel most comfortable sticking with online courses (even though I don’t know where we’ll be in September).  A part of me is disappointed that it means I won’t have actually taken a class physically on campus; however, I did get to experience more of a communal environment by taking the Zoom classes!  Anyways, as the fall semester courses are being held in a variety of formats, it really narrowed down my options.  I really didn’t know what to take for my last class, except that I wanted it to be online!  I ended up picking LIS 416: Descriptive Cataloguing, which is a Zoom class.  There is an in-person class that also sounded super interesting to me—LIS 437: Legal Information Sources and Services, that I don’t recall ever seeing on the course list before, but it’s being held in-person, and I just don’t feel comfortable doing in-person right now.  

So, those are going to be my final two classes at Simmons!  Well, as of right now they are going to be my final two classes.  I have a tendency to change my mind about registration, so you never know what could happen! If anything changes, you will definitely hear about it.  My graduation has always felt so far away, but with this last registration, it makes it feel so much closer and more real.  

Next time I’ll tell you all about the progress my group has made on our exciting research project for LIS 621!  If you are interested in learning more about the courses at SLIS, click here!