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The Final Countdown and Fall 2021 Admitted Student Event

Well, my final semester at Simmons is coming up after nearly two and a half years. To say my experience has been atypical is almost an understatement. But before we get into my final semester, let’s talk about a recent event the Admissions office just put on. We recently had an Admitted Students Event for our Fall 2021 upcoming students. It was a lot of fun getting to talk about my experience at Simmons as someone nearly finished with their program with people just starting out on this journey. Prospective students were able to talk with current students like myself, alumni, and faculty during this event which I hoped shed a lot of light about what distinguishes Simmons from other universities. We were also able to share with students our plans for the Fall 2021 semester and that we are planning to have it in person. So I will be back in Boston for the final semester and I hope to get to see many of the faces I saw at the Admitted Student Event. 

Now for my final semester. It’s been a very strange journey so far. Looking back at William from two years ago before I came to Simmons, I’d like to think I’m a completely different person than I was. I’ve learned so much so far in my classes and experiences at SLIS. Registration for the Fall just occurred last week and my final classload will be LIS 442 Establishing Archives and Manuscripts Programs, my final archives class, LIS 437 Legal Information Sources, and HIST 455 the History Thesis course. 442 will be a class teaching how to manage small archives and repositories and if needed, establish them. It will be similar to Preservation Management in that it will cover a lot of administrative topics and how to manage an archive properly as opposed to the finding aid and metadata side of the field. 437 will be about how to utilize legal information in a LIS field and help conduct legal research. I think having a good understanding of the legal aspect of information management will be crucial to be the best archivist I can be. Finally, my thesis is coming up which will be the culmination of my History Masters. I don’t want to go too much into it just yet because I still have to submit my proposal in June and get it approved before I begin the formal process. So I’ll save that for a later blog post. Have a good rest of the spring semester and (knock on wood) it looks like we are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that has been the past year and pandemic.