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Daylight savings

The best part of the second half of March is the sun going down so much later. I don’t understand why we still have non-daylight time during the winter, but the spring forward period is always fun. In the past couple of weeks, it’s meant that I can get some sunlight by going for a walk after work and before starting my homework on weekdays (not to say that I do homework every day).. The only exception is Tuesday, when I close out of a virtual coffee break at work and immediately log into zoom for class. 

During spring break, I tried to get ahead on work for my asynchronous class, Principles of Management (LIS 404), so I can pace myself a little more in the next few weeks. My professor included a Game of Thrones-themed exercise about hiring and staffing, which was entertaining even though I only know enough about Game of Thrones to recognize some of the names! 

I’ve also been working on my literature review for LIS 621 (Conducting Research). Luckily, our assignment for the week after spring break was scaffolding for the literature review, so I was able to work on that and kill two birds with one stone. I learned about scaffolding as a teaching strategy in User Instruction (LIS 408), last year, and it’s been fun to see it in the design of subsequent classes.

I’m definitely feeling the crunch of full-time work with a full-time course load, but everything is getting done!