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Spring Break and Myers-Briggs

The last week before spring break definitely made me ready for spring break! I had extensive assignments for all my classes and barely finished them on time after an unexpectedly chaotic weekend. I also realized mid-week that I forgot to watch the lecture videos for both of my asynchronous classes! I can catch up on them, though, and spring break does give me a little room for error. 

My management class assignment this week was to post about the personality traits, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences that we bring to the workplace. It was fascinating to read everyone’s responses, especially since everyone wrote long and detailed forum posts. 

We all took a Myers-Briggs type test to get our four-letter personality code and discussed the results in our posts. Although I have reservations about how meaningful the Myers-Briggs typing system is, people shared great insights about their personalities, using the test as a jumping-off point. 

A solid chunk of the class got INFJ when they took the test, a type that often gets nicknamed “The Advocate.” This reminded me of Fobazi Ettarh’s landmark 2018 article, “Vocational awe: The lies we tell ourselves.” In my opinion, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to go into the library field!