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Researching and Writing

The first week of March was intense! I had expected to feel overwhelmed when I started my new job, but I had forgotten how draining the first week of anything new can be. I also had some extra meetings for school in the evenings on top of my recurring team meeting and class, so I felt pretty pressed for time. In the midst of it all, I did make some delicious noodle soup and catch up with my roommate, who had been away for a couple of weeks. There were a couple of warmer days and I thought spring might be coming, but it turns out I was wrong and the cold weather was back in force.

My new job is with a research organization that doesn’t have a lot of people from LIS backgrounds (none that I’ve met yet, anyway). As a result, I ended up explaining my degree to a lot of people. I think I gave a slightly different explanation to each person who asked, but each one was completely accurate. Now that I have more of a sense of what my job is, I can tell my library and museum experience will cross-apply in more ways than I thought.

On Wednesday night, I went to a writing workshop with SLIS Professor Kathy Wisser, in preparation for writing the literature review for my final project in Conducting Research (LIS 621). There was a really good atmosphere in the workshop, and I feel much more prepared to write this section of the paper now. On Thursday night, my project partner for 621 and I worked on revising our application to the Simmons Institutional Review Board. I expect the second week of the month to feel more manageable, and the third week will be spring break!