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A Tough Choice

I made the difficult decision to drop my database class last week.  Since I missed the add/drop grace period, I’ll get a “W” on my transcript, but luckily that won’t affect my GPA.  It will, however, affect my graduation date because it was too late to sign up for a different class.  Instead of graduating in December, I’ll now be graduating in May.  I’m bummed about that because I was so excited to be almost done.  In the grand scheme of things, waiting another five months to graduate is not a big deal, but I still feel disappointed.  However, I know this was the right decision because I was struggling with this class.  I could have pushed through, but ultimately I decided that I don’t have the time or energy to do that right now.  I am stressed enough with all the COVID stuff and this class was just adding more stress to my life.  Even though it stinks, my peace of mind is already better.  Now I only have to focus on one class, and I won’t be extra stressed trying to get everything done on time.  It’s a bit weird to only take one class because I’ve always taken two per semester (except for the summer).  But cutting back is not a bad thing, especially in this case.  It also helps that I absolutely love my YA literature class.  I enjoy doing the work and can’t wait for each week’s discussions.  It’s pretty much the opposite experience from the database class, and just what I need right now.  I’ve learned a lot already.  I’m looking forward to scouring the Spring class list when it comes out, and deciding what my final class at Simmons will be.