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Summer of Covid

Hey everyone. I thought I might share a little bit of what I have been doing aside from classes during this strange summer. I’ve moved back to Texas to wait out this pandemic which has been insanely different than what Massachusetts has experienced. Obviously, Texas experienced a massive spike in cases around the end of June and throughout July. Thankfully, I’ve been able to isolate myself for the most part to hopefully limit my exposure. One of the benefits from being in Texas this summer is that I’ve been able to start playing tennis again. I played tennis in undergrad for my school, Austin College, but for a number of factors, I wasn’t able to continue playing when I moved to Boston. To try and get some fresh air and exercise, my dad and I have been playing almost every night which has been really beneficial for my mental and physical health. Due to how tennis is played, it’s really easy to maintain social distancing, so if anybody is looking for a way to get some exercise and pick up a new hobby, tennis is one that I would highly recommend. But I’m biased. The fall will be all online for Simmons so I’m glad I’ll be able to continue playing during this upcoming semester. One of the great things about Simmons is that you have the ability to take both online and in person classes, in normal circumstances, but obviously this fall is different. I’ll be taking two archival classes and one history course this fall. After having taken my summer history courses entirely online and two asynchronous classes last fall, I feel more than prepared for how this semester will go and am excited to get started.