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Time Flies. And Stands Still.

It’s been another weird week, but I think I’m getting used to this new normal.  Some days have seemed endless, but others have flown by.  I’ve established a pretty good new routine and set a schedule for my job and my schoolwork.  I don’t usually schedule out my days, but it’s been the most effective way for me to remember everything that I need to do.  Otherwise, it’s too easy to get caught up in all the negatives and uncertainty and get nothing done as a result. 

What I didn’t realize in the frenzy of the past three weeks is that there’s less than a month left in the semester!  I have two big projects to finish before then.  The first project that I have to finish is my group project for metadata.  It’s due next week, and we have already gotten a good start on it.  That’s the last big thing for that class, other than a few small assignments which I consider “easier” only because I get to do them myself and don’t have to coordinate with other group members.  After that, I will focus on my major paper for collections development, which is due on April 19.  We have to write a collections development policy and I’m a bit nervous about putting it all together.  While all of our major assignments to this point have been gearing towards this final paper, it’s still intimidating to think about writing a cohesive policy that incorporates all the necessary information.  I’ve learned a lot in this class and feel confident that I can put everything together, but it will definitely take time.  But that’s something I have a little more of lately as I’ve been sheltering in place.