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Spring 2020 Classes

I figured it was probably time for me to post about what classes I’m taking next semester considering the fall semester is more or less done. I’ll actually be taking four classes over the Spring semester. One of my weekly classes will LIS 438 Intro to Archives. It will be my first archives course and it includes a 60 hour internship so I’m pretty excited to start it and learn more about what will hopefully be my eventual career. Another weekly class will be LIS 407 Information Services. It’s one of the required courses for the LIS program and sounds similar to LIS 415 which I enjoyed. My last weekly course will be HIST 574 Modern US History. I’m a big US history buff and am mostly interested in modern history so this class will be one that I hope to take the methods that I learned from my current history course and be able to apply them. Finally, my last course is actually not weekly. Instead it will take place entirely over spring break so I’m glad to have the opportunity to get a little ahead in my courses by taking an extra class over the break. The class is LIS 472 Moving Image Archives which goes in line with my eventual career goal to work for Disney in the archives as many of their materials are film cels and documents. The next semester will definitely be an intense one with taking four classes but I am looking forward to all of them and how they will help me in my journey towards becoming an archivist