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Moving Across the Country

In September, I moved to Boston from Texas so I could attend Simmons and try and get a real winter. I’m only 3 months in and it’s already way colder here than it ever gets in Texas.

I wanted to go over some of the things that were part of the challenge of moving here and how Simmons helped me with the move. The major thing was finding a place to live which can be difficult wherever you go. Finding a comfortable space that is also affordable is a challenging process. Thankfully, Simmons has a really great listing that students can access that lists available places within the area. It took me a while but I managed to find a little place in West Roxbury that a Simmons alum owns and managed to find a great roommate.

The next thing to deal with was how to get to school and figuring out public transportation for the first time. In Texas, there’s no real convenient transportation service because everybody has cars and because Texas is such a big state. Its challenging and frustrating at times but getting to learn the MBTA has been a fun thing to do as a way to learn more about the city.

Finally, deciding which classes to take and which ones are required has been a major point of moving to Boston. As an Archives and History student, I have some structured courses that are required but I have enough flexibility to be able to take courses that still interest me like an upcoming one called Moving Image Archives that fits very well with my interests and eventual career goals. Moving across the country has been a challenge but I encourage everybody to do something similar at least once to get yourself out of your comfort zone and see how other places are similar yet different.