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Reality Check!

I couldn’t believe it when I logged into my classes this week and saw that it was week 10 of the semester.  By the time this blog is posted, it will be week 11, and there will be less than a month left in the semester.  Yikes!  So of course, I’m focused right now on all the projects I have to complete before then.  I have two papers and a small group project to finish, as well as my ongoing project work for Digital Libraries.  I don’t have any projects for my Intro to Programming course, but that’s because each week there are several very time-consuming labs to complete.  I’m thankful there’s not an extra project on top of that because that would be a little too much to handle.

As usual, I want to try and finish some projects early if I can.  I think this is especially important for this semester because of all the holidays coming up.  This is my first Fall semester, and the first time I’ve had to think about juggling my work with all my holiday obligations.  I don’t want to be thinking about schoolwork while I’m enjoying Thanksgiving or my annual cousin cookie swap.  I think I am in good shape to have a lot of my projects done early, though.  Most of my work for Digital Libraries will be finished before the end of the semester, because everything needs to be done early enough for the Systems committee to incorporate everything into the website. For Social Informatics, I have a short paper due next week, and then a longer one due at the end of the semester.  I want to finish the longer paper early because I also have to do a small group project for that class.  I really don’t want to have to juggle both of those at the same time.  Basically, it looks like the next few weekends will be spent mostly on schoolwork!  But it will be worth it to avoid being super stressed at the end of the semester.  And then I can really relax before next semester begins.